3M on Their Sustainability Value Commitment

Customer Spotlight
Customer Spotlight
Daniel McGurran
Vice President, US & Canada Commercial Solutions Division
Products Certified: 35
Certified Since: 2004
What does sustainability mean to 3M?

At 3M, sustainability is tied to shared global needs. We believe a sustainable future is one in which ecosystems thrive, communities are safe and healthy, and opportunities are equitable and accessible for all people. The challenges we must solve for a sustainable future don’t always follow clear rules or methods — but we see them clearly.

Collectively, our strategies and goals chart 3M’s path forward. Our sustainability strategy is a systemic approach, seeking to drive innovation and holistic impact against shared global needs. We set impactful and measurable goals, demonstrating our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) progress.

Why do you partner with Green Seal?

We partner with Green Seal because it’s a name our customers know and trust — just like 3M. When our customers see a Green Seal certified product, they know it delivers an environmental benefit that has been thoroughly investigated and proven.

What kind of sustainability features and information are your customers looking for today?

First and foremost, it’s important to acknowledge that our customers are looking for sustainability in their products as a deciding factor in their purchasing. Specific to our markets, customers are looking for products that contain recycled content as well as ways to reduce water and chemical usage.

What product or accomplishment are you most proud of from a sustainability standpoint?

At 3M, it’s simple: we are a science-based company, and we use science to improve lives. As society’s challenges continue to evolve, so does our focus. We are relentlessly innovating and adapting our technologies to help solve the problems of today and tomorrow while driving sustainable growth for our company.

Our customers depend on 3M’s products to advance, enhance, and improve their companies, homes, and lives — and we have a responsibility to live up to those expectations. Every item we sell must meet quality standards and must be safe for its intended use.

One of our core technology platforms is the sustainable design of our products, processes, and packaging. We demonstrate this through our goal that every new product that we offer must have a Sustainability Value Commitment (SVC). By embedding sustainability in this way, we can support 3M’s growth and advance our commitment to improving our business, our planet, and every life.

What’s next for 3M?

We will continue applying our scientific expertise to improve the lives of our employees, our customers, and our communities. We see the need for businesses to become regenerative to help restore the environment where we live, work, and play.

Our efforts to meet our goals will continue to leverage the success of our Sustainability Value Commitment and build on our Strategic Sustainability Framework — empowering science for Circular, Science for Climate, and Science for Community.

Gren Seal

Green Seal is a global non-profit whose certification mark is a universal symbol that a product, cleaning service or facility meets the highest benchmark of health and environmental leadership.