Green Seal Visits Portland

This week members of our outreach team ventured to Portland, Oregon, where they met with several sustainability teams and a few of our clients. The Mark Spencer Hotel is a Green Seal-certified hotel in Portland. According to their website, the hotel maintains monthly Green Team meetings to review the criteria of our GS-33 Standard as a pro-active step in maintaining their certification. They also mention the following sustainability initiatives: 

Guest Rooms

  • New energy efficient windows that open.
  • Guest recycling in each room and on each floor.
  • Shower amenity bulk dispensers to avoid packaging.
  • Reusable Green Garmento Bags made from 100% recycled materials for guest laundry.
  • Biodegradable trash liners throughout.
  • Reusable dishware in each guestroom.
  • Florescent and/or LED lighting in each room.
  • Reprogrammable key cards made from recycled materials and biodegradable.
  • Hybrid vehicles park half price and bicycles park free.

Behind the Scenes

  • Office recycling.
  • Cork recycling for wine reception.
  • Laundry Ozone reduces water and detergent use.
  • Low VOC paint throughout the hotel.
  • Green Seal Certification monthly Green Team meetings and audits.
  • Double sided paper usage.
  • Any unclaimed linen from the hotel rooms is donated.
  • Excess food items are donated.
  • Sustainable vendor purchasing program.
  • Recycling (aside from cardboard, paper, aluminum, and glass):
  • Batteries, Light Bulbs, Latex paint, 65% of all building materials including carpet.
  • We sponsor a Big Belly solar powered trash compactor.
  • These public trash receptacles are solar powered, compact the trash and even call the garbage hauler when they are full, thereby reducing unnecessary trips by the fossil fuel, gas guzzling garbage trucks.

For sustainability wonks:

Reading this might be interested in diving into our GS-33 standard to better understand what criteria we identify for green hotel leadership.

Action Items: Use our GS-33 Standard to green your community:

  • Ask your local hotels to consider getting Green Seal-certified (Bronze, Silver, or Gold!).
  • Download the full GS-33 standard and email it to the hotel manager to help her/him either apply for certification, or to work to implement the sustainability initiatives mentioned in the standard.
* Yes, we are giving into the trend: green has become a verb~!