Public Comment Period is OPEN for Specialty Cleaners and Hotels.

Beginning the New Year by Re-Defining Leadership

A quick review: Green Seal develops science-based standards to help companies green their products and services. Standards are lists of criteria that companies must meet for their products or services to be Green Seal Certified. This month, we announce the Public Comment Period for three standards:

Deadlines: Specialty Cleaners: February 2. Hotels & Lodging Properties: January 30. 

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Specialty Cleaners Standards (GS-52 & GS-53) proposed changes include:

  • Asthmagens and Respiratory Sensitizers – Revision of the evaluation threshold, to be consistent with Green Seal’s other cleaning product standards
  • Carcinogen Releasers – Revision of the evaluation threshold, to be consistent with Green Seal’s other cleaning product standards, and to clarify the definition for carcinogen releasers
  • Dermal Toxicity (GS-53) – Removal for consistency with GS-37 and because this requirement is unnecessary since other criteria in GS-53 address human toxicity
  • Chronic Aquatic Toxicity and Antimicrobial Agents (documentation or test results) – Removal because other criteria in the standards limit the use of antimicrobial chemicals and chemicals with a potential to cause chronic aquatic toxicity
  • Energy, Air, Water, and Waste; and Distribution – Removal because energy, air, water, and waste are not significant life cycle contributors for this class of products; and because Green Seal does not foresee setting limits on distribution for this class of products
  • Fragrance Disclosure and Labeling – Clarification and revision to better reflect what is appropriate for this class of products
  • Annex E – Microorganisms – Clarification related to effective prevention measures and treatment
  • Packaging Sustainability Requirements – Clarification related to bisphenol A and heavy metals
  • Appendix 1 – Scope – Scope expansion to allow for the review and certification of drain cleaners
  • Editorial Changes – Additional revisions in order to clarify certain sections

Hotels and Lodging Standard (GS-33) standard revision goals include:

  • Ensure that the requirements are clear and equitable to all applicants, while upholding leadership and protection levels
  • Ensure that the criteria are defined precisely in order to minimize the need for interpretation
  • Modify requirements where necessary, so that they are practical to review and enforce
  • Update the standard to reflect innovations and current practices in the hospitality industry
  • Streamline the certification review process, where possible

The proposed revision includes the following changes for the Hotels Standard:

  • Reorganize the standard so that each criterion includes the requirements for all three certification levels (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) in a single section
  • Consolidate all of the purchasing requirements into one section
  • Add third-party certified products as an option for meeting the purchasing requirements
  • Modify criteria that were vague or impractical to certify
  • Add a Gold-level optional criterion for Management of Resource Use