Compliance Monitoring

Meeting a High Standard

Compliance monitoring is our periodic confirmation that all certifications still meet Green Seal’s leadership standards, focusing on any changes that may have occurred since the initial certification evaluations. Green Seal formally monitors certified products and services annually with a questionnaire and approximately every three years with a more in-depth review. We also perform other monitoring activities as needed or on a more frequent basis, including:

  • Reviewing any changes to formulas, labeling, or other product attributes
  • Conducting quarterly checks of formulas against newly prohibited or restricted chemicals

The Process

Each year at the same time, customers with certified products or services receive a questionnaire, Year 3 Review package, or both, depending on how long it’s been since the certifications were initially awarded. 

For compliance monitoring annual questionnaires, customers must describe any changes to their certified products or services that they have not previously shared with Green Seal. 

During compliance monitoring Year 3 Reviews, we collect much of the same information that was submitted for certification, noting any updates or changes. This includes everything from label and logo changes to changes in manufacturing or procedures, to formula and literature updates. We recommend customers keep all information they submitted for certification in one, accessible location.  

All materials for compliance monitoring must be submitted within 30 days of Green Seal initiating the review process. Alerting us to any proposed changes as they arise and keeping track of certification information will help ensure there’s no lapse in certification.  

Compliance monitoring reviews may require manufacturing facility or service location site visits that will need to be scheduled with a Green Seal auditor. General audit requirements for each standard can be found on our standard pages.

Working Together

A Green Seal team member works with customers through every step of the certification and monitoring process. If you have any questions about the compliance monitoring process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.