Announcing Green Seal’s 2024 Impact Report


This year at Green Seal we dove deep into defining safer and more sustainable products. In a rapidly evolving marketplace, yesterday’s definition of leadership can be table stakes today. That’s why we are continuously learning, improving, and innovating to ensure our standards demand true leadership at every stage of the product lifecycle.

Today, on Earth Day, we are illuminating the comprehensive nature of this work in our 2024 Impact Report. The report breaks out our impacts into the core elements of a green product:

  • Safer Chemicals: Green Seal-certified cleaning products protected 9.8 million students and teachers from toxic chemicals and asthma triggers in 2023.
  • Responsible Sourcing: Green Seal-certified sanitary paper saves 11.7 million metric tons of carbon emissions each year due to recycled fiber sourcing, the equivalent of taking 2.8 million cars off the road.
  • Manufacturing Sustainability: Green Seal-certified sanitary paper, made with 100% recycled fiber, reduces manufacturing water use by 30.5 million gallons each year.
  • Sustainable Packaging: Green Seal-certified cleaning products save 192 million pounds of plastic each year.

From eliminating PFAS from the supply chain, to defining sustainable sanitary paper, to accelerating the transition to sustainable packaging, we are helping our customers stay ahead of the curve by raising the bar for products that are safer for people and the planet. Ultimately, this means that no matter which aisle people are shopping, our trusted certification mark helps them cut through the chaos to find products that meet truly comprehensive health and sustainability standards — from beginning to end.

In this report, we are proud to highlight how, together with you, we are accelerating the transition to greater safety and sustainability in our workplaces, our homes – and our collective home planet.

Doug Gatlin

Doug Gatlin is CEO of Green Seal.