Asian Paints on Integrating Sustainability into Business Objectives

Customer Spotlight
Customer Spotlight
Rajeev Kumar Goel
Senior Vice President –Technology
Asian Paints Limited
What does sustainability mean to Asian Paints?

Sustainability has been a strategically important element for Asian Paints, and we have integrated our sustainability agenda into the company’s business objectives. We consider sustainability as a key driver for long-term value creation for all our stakeholders. For us, sustainability means providing best-in-class, safe, and eco-friendly products that are low in VOC, high in durability, and higher in renewable content. Sustainability for us also means constantly working towards minimizing our manufacturing’s environmental footprint and being water positive. 

As an India-based multinational company, why do you partner with Green Seal?

Green Seal, we think, is the most stringent and comprehensive product certification program and it is integrated with LEED and IGBC requirements. Green Seal also has qualified experts who ensure that the products that are certified are truly green and ensure minimal environmental impact and the safety of our customers. Partnering with Green Seal also provides a gateway to know upcoming changes in the regulations and helps us adapt to the changes in a structured manner. 

What product, innovation, or accomplishment are you most proud of from a sustainability standpoint?

In India, Asian Paints continues to be a frontrunner when it comes to environmental sustainability and green products. From a sustainability standpoint, we are proud of developing a revolutionary interior paint, Royale Aspira, with superior stain resistance, anti-bacterial activity, and crack-bridging performance. Royale Aspira is the first architectural paint in India to earn Green Seal certification. We are also proud of our product Nilaya Naturals – an interior architectural paint with more than 90% content from natural origins. 

What kind of health or sustainability features and information are your customers looking for today?

Awareness of the toxicity and environmental impact of architectural paints is very limited in India. In the absence of regulations and with limited customer awareness, sustainability for us is largely a voluntary initiative. The segment of real estate and interior architects are critical about the sustainability features of a paint. Low VOC, lead- and other heavy metal-free, longer service life, resistance to mold, and water-based products are some of the features that customers are looking for. 

What’s next for Asian Paints?

In 2023, Asian Paints created an ESG framework for the company and published sustainability goals for 2025 and 2030. This further substantiates our commitment to sustainability and the country’s decarbonization targets. We have set audacious goals around product certification, durability, restricting the use of carcinogens, mutagens, and reproductive toxins, reducing Scope 3 emissions through product formula optimization, and increasing the renewable content in our products. 

Anything else you’d like to share?

Asian Paints started publishing separate sustainability reports in 2014 and has made remarkable progress. Management and the board are committed to delivering products and services in an environmentally sustainable manner. Product stewardship has been the source of driving sustainability objectives. 

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