Author: Sara Porter

Sara Porter

Director of Healthy Green Schools & Colleges and VP of External Affairs at Healthy Schools Campaign

The Healthy Green Schools & Colleges™ Standard

Update: The third public comment period for the Healthy Green Schools & Colleges Standard has ended. Green Seal and Healthy Schools Campaign are proposing several improvements to our Healthy Green Schools & Colleges™ standard criteria to clarify and consolidate standard criteria; better address differences between K-12 school districts and higher education institutions, and provide more flexibility for schools to implement measures that foster healthy indoor environments for students and staff.

Announcing a National Pilot Standard for Healthier School Facilities

Healthy Schools Campaign (HSC) and Green Seal launched a pilot standard for healthy and sustainable school facilities that focuses on measures that can make a big difference without major capital investments. This is the first national standard focused on healthier school facilities, and it is publicly available for any school district or university to use today to improve air quality.

A Healthy Indoor Air Standard for Schools

Unhealthy indoor air, inadequate ventilation, and chemical exposure from cleaning and maintenance routines are linked to poor concentration and test performance in students, adding preventable barriers to achievement. Green Seal’s updated standard sets additional and more substantial monitoring requirements; establishes the point system that will be used as the basis for certification; and provides more opportunities for schools to make healthier, safer choices.