Benjamin Moore on the Company’s Greenest Product Offering

Customer Spotlight
Customer Spotlight
Alfredo Valiente
Product Marketing Manager, Commercial & Professional Brands
Benjamin Moore & Co.
Products Certified: 5
Certified Since: 2017
What does sustainability mean to Benjamin Moore?

Benjamin Moore remains steadfast in our commitment to our stakeholders and our long-standing pledge toward a more sustainable future. With an emphasis on the continued evaluation of employee needs and benefits, prioritization of high-demand products, and support for charitable partners and programming, these efforts remain at the forefront of our company culture. Premium quality coatings have been at the foundation of the brand for 138 years. Through third-party certifications like Green Seal and ongoing efforts to develop low-VOC coatings, we are able to meet the needs of customers and our obligation to the environment.

Tell us about Benjamin Moore’s Eco Spec line of paints. What makes it the brand’s greenest interior premium paint?

Benjamin Moore introduced the Eco Spec line in 2008 as one of our first zero-VOC paints ideally suited for commercial facilities, such as schools, corporate buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics, and assisted living facilities. In 2021, as part of an effort to simplify our portfolio to better serve our customers, we discontinued redundancies and rebranded Eco Spec as our greenest product offering that exceeds the most stringent environmental standards for both commercial and residential customers.

The new Eco Spec Interior is a 100% acrylic paint that offers zero VOCs, zero emissions, and low odor. It delivers excellent hide, great touch-up, and quick-drying properties for a fast job turnaround. Also, our patented zero-VOC Gennex colorants ensure that Eco Spec remains zero-VOC, even after tinting.

Eco Spec is our greenest paint because it has been independently tested to be Green Seal-certified and certified asthma & allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. These independent certifications validate the fact that Eco Spec meets or exceeds the strictest environmental requirements. In addition to securing those third-party certifications, we’ve refreshed the Eco Spec label to drive appeal to a wider audience that insists on green attributes.

Why do your customers value low-VOC paints?

VOCs are volatile organic compounds that drying paint can release into the air, significantly affecting the immediate environment and, in some extreme instances, human health. In buildings that need to maintain good air quality like daycares, schools, and hospitals, it is important to use the most environmentally responsible products, because increased exposure to VOCs may elevate the risk of developing respiratory issues.

That’s why we recommend products like Eco Spec with zero VOCs, zero emissions, and low odor for the benefit of those spaces, their occupants, and the environment in general.

Why do you partner with Green Seal?

Green Seal is a respected global environmental certification organization and obtaining the Green Seal certification verifies that Eco Spec meets the highest environmental standards in the industry.

What product, innovation or accomplishment are you most proud of from a sustainability standpoint?

Our commitment to research and innovation has led us to many industry firsts, including:

  • The first eggshell interior finish, in 1972
  • The first Computer Color Matching System (now an industry standard), in 1982
  • The first pearl interior finish, in1988
  • Our zero-VOC latex paint, EcoSpec, in 2008
  • The first company in the U.S. to introduce a zero-VOC waterborne tinting system to the marketplace (our patented Gennex Color Technology), in 2006

And years before the federal government required it, we eliminated lead, formaldehyde and mercury from our paints and met VOC standards.

The Federal Trade Commission has determined that an emission-free or zero-emissions (or VOC) paint claim can be substantiated by, among other things, evidence demonstrating the paint has trace levels of emissions six hours or less after application (and thereafter), and contains no substance that could cause material harm to the health of the average adult under normal anticipated use. Eco Spec paint meets this standard.

Finally, we take these proprietary ingredients and custom formulate them to optimize their performance in each of our products. You might call this process the key component of our competitive advantage and success.

What’s next for Benjamin Moore?

We will remain committed to our professional painters and customers that insist on green attributes, premium performance and the best color selection in order to exceed their expectations.

Gren Seal

Green Seal is a global non-profit whose certification mark is a universal symbol that a product, cleaning service or facility meets the highest benchmark of health and environmental leadership.