A New Site for a New Era

At Green Seal’s launch in 1989, Duran Duran dominated the airwaves and gas averaged 97 cents a gallon. When we designed the first independent, unbiased program to scientifically evaluate unregulated chemical products, sustainability wasn’t on anybody’s radar, and the first web browser had not even been invented.  

Fast forward to 2018: Last month, we unveiled a new website that reflects what Green Seal is today – the premier ecolabel in the United states with unmatched credibility, the highest science-based standards, and a strong history of successfully transforming markets. With a streamlined design and a simpler user experience, this site will better serve Green Seal partners and introduce ways to work together that didn’t exist three decades ago.  

For 30 years, Green Seal’s model has rewarded innovation and pushed the entire market toward safer, greener products. Unique in its time, our voluntary certification program set the highest bar for performance, safety and sustainability of a product. Today, we can celebrate that that the industry as a whole has voluntarily eliminated some of the most toxic unregulated chemicals, and we have made substantial progress toward our goal of making indoor and outdoor environments healthier and greener.  

In 2018, Green Seal’s participating organizations range from major manufacturers such as 3M, Diversey and Ecolab, to smaller enterprises such as Atlanta’s Historic Ellis Hotel, and major institutions like Georgia Tech and Harvard. At the Ellis, approaching its tenth year as a Green Seal certified hotel, a luxury stay goes hand in hand with a state-of-the-art focus on health and wellness. At Howard County Public Schools in Maryland, the first school district to earn Green Seal certification for its Green Cleaning Program, students and staff are breathing cleaner air and the district has become a nationwide standard-bearer for how schools can improve cleaning services for health and the environment.




In the coming months, our new site will feature more on these and other innovators. Also, we aim to use the site to expand our the rapidly growing body of knowledge on the effects of indoor environments on human health as well as the health impacts of the chemicals we come into contact with every day.  

Ultimately, Green Seal’s new website is a demonstration of our commitment to our entire community of leaders, including manufacturers raising the bar for health and environmental product innovation, as well as the building owners, managers, facilities teams and purchasing officials who are committed to providing the healthier, greener spaces in which we can all work, learn and play.  

Cheers to what we can accomplish together in this new era!

  -- Doug Gatlin, CEO of Green Seal