Meet Our Fall 2018 Green Seal Interns

Green Seal has had the privilege of having many young professionals spend time with us as interns across our various departments throughout our 29 years. Our Interns have contributed to several important projects related to our mission of creating a greener economy. Each semester we welcome both in-office and virtual interns to help us stay at the forefront of marketplace sustainability. We are excited to introduce the two new passionate and talented young people gaining experience in our Science and Standards Department this fall.  

Emily Sutherland, Green Seal intern

Emily Sutherland

Emily is a first-year Master of Science in Sustainability Management student at American University. Before coming to Green Seal, Emily recently earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Sustainability also at American University. Emily is joining us in our Washington D.C. office.

What Emily is passionate about

I’m passionate about food security and achieving social equity to meet that need. I’m also excited to learn more about the processes that make an impact in highly wasteful industries.

What Emily is working on with Green Seal

I'm working on two big projects right now. The first is creating an informational document about hand sanitizer and seeing which Green Seal clients already produce hand sanitizers and if so what the claims of those brands are. I'm super excited to be a part of creating a potential new standard for hand sanitizers. I'm also working on a long-term project of trying to get my university GS-42 certified, and hopefully creating a guidebook for higher education institutions to be able to follow for GS-42 certification! I'm looking forward to meeting with university officials and getting their input to create a step-by-step user-friendly guide complete with which manufacturers to use and how to integrate training into their processes.

Why Emily is excited to work at Green Seal

I am most excited to be around like-minded people who are also concerned about the health impacts of products we use every day. The people here are passionate, driven, and work so hard to improve the health and safety of people who might never have known they were in danger in the first place. I really feel this is a noble cause, and I can't wait to soak up all the knowledge that I can during my short three months here!  


Green Seal intern Kelsie Roberton

Kelsie Roberton

Kelsie joins Green Seal after recently graduating from Depauw University with a degree in Environmental Studies. Kelsie is our virtual intern this semester and is based in Illinois.

What Kelsie is passionate about

I’m passionate about the areas where business and sustainability can overlap, and as a result I want to get a Master of Business Administration in Environmental Management.

What Kelsie is working on with Green Seal

Over the past month, I’ve already worked on several assignments. My first task was to review the GS-33 Standard for Hotels and Lodging Properties and identify a single-use plastic that is commonly used in hotels and lodging properties. Most recently, I investigated the environmental and health concerns of fluorinated chemicals (PFAS) and how these chemicals relate to the current Green Seal Standards.

Why Kelsie is excited to work at Green Seal

I am excited to work at Green Seal because it is a non-profit environmental organization that has the sole purpose to help companies and manufacturers make responsible decisions. I am an individual that is passionate to promote a more sustainable economy. Green Seal has given me the opportunity to learn more about the integral process to help shoppers know what products are genuinely healthier for the environment.  


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