Invitation to Comment: Branch Creek

Green Seal invites our stakeholder community to participate in a public comment process: we request your feedback on the innovation claims for the product Entry (a non-chloride deicer) by the company Branch Creek in the category of Deicers for Walkways and Entryways. The company claims that Entry provides significant environmental impact reduction compared to other products on the market. Feedback will be accepted through March 25, 2019. Submit all feedback by email to  

  About Entry Liquid Snow and Ice Melt Entry Liquid Snow and Ice Melt by the company Branch Creek, when used as intended, provides the following functions: Melts residual ice and snow and prevents melted ice and snow from re-freezing; and Pre-treats surfaces in order to reduce accumulation of snow or ice. The product is intended for use in the following applications:

  • walkways,
  • building entryways (within the first 15 feet from the entrance), and
  • parking lot drop-off zones.

The applicant claims that their product differs from other deicers on the market for use on walkways, building entrances, and parking lot drop-off zones because it is formulated with potassium formate; conventional deicers are formulated with sodium chloride; other non-chloride deicers include calcium chloride, calcium magnesium acetate, potassium acetate, and urea. When formulated using potassium formate, the applicant claims that this deicer achieves the following environmental impact reductions:

  • avoids chloride contamination in soil and water, when compared to chloride deicers
  • decreases biological oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD), a measure of water pollution, when compared to non-chloride deicers, and
  • does not contribute toward eutrophication, when compared to non-chloride deicers, in particular, urea.

Green Seal has not yet validated any of these claims. Once the requirements are finalized after this public comment period, Branch Creek will submit documentation for third-party validation by Green Seal. Entry will achieve Green Seal Certification if all requirements are met.  

  About Green Seal’s Environmental Innovation Standard Green Seal's Environmental Innovation Standard (GS-20) provides a framework for the certification of environmental innovations in a variety of product categories. Earning certification under this Standard demonstrates that Green Seal, an independent third party, has verified the innovative aspect(s) of a product. The certification includes verification that the product innovation results in a significant reduction of human health and environmental impacts compared to products of the same functional class. About the Environmental Innovation Beta Advisory Program Branch Creek is part of the initial cohort of beta participants, who are pursuing certification of their product under the Environmental Innovation Standard (GS-20, Edition 1.1)