Kittrich Shares What Green Seal Means for Consumers

Kittrich Shares What Green Seal Means for Consumers

1/21/2020 | Green Seal

by Rachel Bolin, Kittrich Corporation Formulator

Update: You can find Kittrich's Eco-Me brand certified products on Amazon here

Can cleaning products be effective and be safer for people and the planet?  At Kittrich Corporation®, we think they can.  

To prove just how serious we are about making a difference to the health of our planet, we set out to certify our plant-based formulations in our Eco-Me® and Little Twig® brands with Green Seal®. Having the Green Seal certification means a product has met rigorous standards proving they work just as effectively as conventional products without including harmful chemicals.

We are proud to announce that our Little Twig Dish Soap & Bottle Wash and Eco-Me Dish SoapSteel Cleaner, and Wood Polish have officially been Green Seal certified.  

Consumers looking for better alternatives

We choose to pursue Green Seal certification because we know just how high a standard Green Seal sets and what seeing that seal on our label would mean for consumers looking for better alternatives.  Having the Green Seal certification mark symbolizes that we care about the health of our environment and our customers, while setting us apart from the competition.   

Eco-Me and Little Twig are made with simple ingredients such as vegetable glycerin, coconut derived surfactants, and food grade preservatives. Each label includes every ingredient in our formulation, and our ingredients are free from harmful chemicals.  Little Twig and Eco-Me cleaning products have become a staple in many homes – now, our customers can feel even more confident that they are using safer products that have been tested and certified by Green Seal. 

We work hard to put out the best possible products and being Green Seal certified is a great way to shout our mission out to the world. We are honored to apply this seal as we know that our consumers consistently search for brands that care about the future of the planet and the people who borrow it. 

(Read the press release here.)