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It grants access to new customers, contracts and opportunities — even the most basic marketing can unearth new prospects and drive revenue.

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Green Seal CERTIFIED® Mark

The Green Seal Certified® mark is designed to enhance your brand and highlight your sustainability leadership. We strictly protect the use of the Green Seal trademarks to protect the value and integrity of Green Seal certification. Ensuring that our trademarks are used appropriately maintains their credibility and allows businesses to leverage the trust we have built with purchasers and consumers. Learn how to use our trademarks to promote your product or service in our.

Customer Success Program

Our strategic marketing experts provide one-on-one, personalized support for companies with, or working toward, Green Seal certification. Contact our Customer Success team today to get started.

  • Sales and marketing plans
  • Optimized logo usage on packaging, website, and marketing materials
  • Press releases and social media
  • Completing the initial application

Marketing Toolbox

Green Seal offers a wide variety of complimentary tools to promote your certification — from special logos and anniversary ribbons to customizable literature. Explore the Marketing Toolbox on your own, or contact Customer Success for one-on-one guidance.

The Toolbox is password-protected, so please contact us if you desire access or have forgotten your password.

Social Media & Communications

We LOVE promoting you!

We can help you reach new customers, develop brand awareness, and maximize the ROI of your certification.

Be sure to tag @GreenSeal in your posts and tweets, send us your news items, and let us know in advance if you’re planning something big. From blog posts to press releases, our Marketing & Communications staff knows how to amplify your green leadership. Call us at 202-872-6400 or email us today.