CleanGo GreenGo on Creating Effective, Greener Solutions

Customer Spotlight
Customer Spotlight
Anthony Sarvucci
CleanGo GreenGo
What does sustainability mean to CleanGo GreenGo? 

At CleanGo GreenGo, sustainability means using products or processes that don’t harm or deteriorate our environment or our health. It also means opting for greener solutions over toxic alternatives to help solve our day-to-day challenges and create longevity and better health. 

Why do you partner with Green Seal? 

We believe in what the Green Seal mark stands for. We like that the Green Seal certification gives people reassurance that the product is truly green and not just greenwashed. 

What product, innovation, or accomplishment are you most proud of from a sustainability standpoint? 

We are proud that we were able to achieve an effective all-purpose cleaner that utilizes greener and cleaner ingredients as opposed to our toxic competitors. 

What kind of health or sustainability features and information are your customers looking for today? 

I think our customers understand that toxic and caustic products endanger our families, pets, and environment. Being conscious of this helps them choose products like ours. 

What’s next for CleanGo GreenGo? 

We are always working on new products and trying to conquer new cleaning challenges in several diverse marketplaces. 

Anything else you’d like to share? 

We recently swapped out highly toxic products currently being used in the petroleum industry to produce oil and gas as well as clean equipment and tanks with our Green Seal-certified products.

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