Our standards are science-based and developed with a life cycle approach. The development process is consensus-based, with an emphasis on engaging the stakeholder community.

Our process:

  1.   Select the Product Category
  2.   Conduct Feasibility Assessment (Is there a need in the market for differentiation?)
  3.   Develop Criteria (Product function, performance assessments, environmental and health impacts)
  4.   Conduct outreach to Stakeholders
  5.   Publish Draft Standard and technical documents for comment
  6.   Public Comment Period
  7.   Revise Standard
  8.   Issue Standard and Public Supporting Technical Documents

Find more details about our process here and browse our Library of Standards Documents here.



Green Seal reviews most standards every three to five years. In some cases, standards require updates in order to account for changes in the market and the commercialization of new technologies. Green Seal may also conduct more focused revisions to resolve minor issues in the standards. Examples include expanding the scope, updating lists of prohibited substances, resolving difficulties, or clarifying requirements. All revisions include a public comment period during which Green Seal solicits comments related only to the proposed changes.

See standards currently under revision here.