Withdrawn Standards

Green Seal retires a standard in response to one or more developments:

·       The environmentally-preferable options on the market have become mainstream

·       Other ecolabel programs have taken the reins, and we’re happy to bow out because we believe in the quality and integrity of their program

·       New technologies have improved the entire product category

·       The product category is no longer being manufactured and sold on today’s market.


All of our withdrawn standards are available by contacting our Standards Team at standards@greenseal.org.  And if you have questions about why a standard has been retired, or the standard itself, we're happy to help.

·       GC-12 Occupancy Sensors

·       GS-2 Alternative Fueled Vehicles

·       GS-3 Re-Refined Engine Oil

·       GS-5 Compact Fluorescent Lamps

·       GS-9 Paper Towels and Napkins (incorporated into GS-1)

·       GS-15 Newsprint

·       GS-16 Reusable Bags

·       GS-21 Powdered Laundry Bleach (incorporated into GS-48 [Household Use] and GS-51 (Institutional Use])

·       GS-47 Stains and Finishes (incorporated into GS-11)

·       GS-13 Windows 

·       GS-31 Electric Chillers

·       GS-54 Architectural Thermal Insulation Materials

·       GS-55 Restaurants and Food Services