Withdrawn Standards

Green Seal retires a standard in response to one or more developments:

·       The environmentally-preferable options on the market have become mainstream

·       Other ecolabel programs have taken the reins, and we’re happy to bow out because we believe in the quality and integrity of their program

·       New technologies have improved the entire product category

·       The product category is no longer being manufactured and sold on today’s market.

All of our withdrawn standards are available by contacting our Standards Team.  And if you have questions about why a standard has been retired, or the standard itself, we’re happy to help.

·       GC-12 Occupancy Sensors

·       GS-2 Alternative Fueled Vehicles

·       GS-3 Re-Refined Engine Oil

·       GS-5 Compact Fluorescent Lamps

·       GS-9 Paper Towels and Napkins (incorporated into GS-1)

·       GS-15 Newsprint

·       GS-16 Reusable Bags

·       GS-21 Powdered Laundry Bleach (incorporated into GS-48 [Household Use] and GS-51 (Institutional Use])

·       GS-47 Stains and Finishes (incorporated into GS-11)

·       GS-13 Windows 

·       GS-31 Electric Chillers

·       GS-54 Architectural Thermal Insulation Materials

·       GS-55 Restaurants and Food Services