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Green Seal does not currently have any upcoming standards in development.

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As a Type I ecolabel, Green Seal develops and maintains standards within an open and transparent process, aligned with best practices in standard development. Green Seal welcomes comments from stakeholders and members of the public. Instructions for submitting comments are included within the proposal documents, available for download below.

  • Paper Products Used for Food Preparation, Food Service Packaging, Recycled Latex Paint – Standards Withdrawal

  • Summary: Green Seal is proposing to withdraw our two standards for food packaging and preparation products, and our standard for recycled latex paint. Green Seal reviews our standards on a regular basis to determine interest, feasibility, and impact on the market. The most recent review of these standards has led Green Seal to propose them for withdrawal.

    Status: Public comment is open through December 8, 2023.

    Standard Withdrawal Proposal – GS-18, GS-35, GS-43
    GS-18 Standard for Paper Products Used for Food Preparation
    GS-35 Standard for Food Service Packaging
    GS-43 Standard for Recycled Latex Paint

    Please contact us to submit a public comment, to schedule a call for more information, or with any questions on the proposed withdrawal.

  • GS-1 Sanitary Paper Products – Standard Revision

    Summary: The market for recycled fiber has undergone dramatic changes in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic and impacts of the China Sword policy.  Due to these changes, Green Seal is evaluating possible revisions to the sustainability criteria in its GS-1 Standard for Sanitary Paper Products, including the highly stringent recycled fiber requirements, to ensure they align with market needs as well as new sustainability opportunities for the product category. Through this revision, Green Seal will also explore potential certification pathways for sustainably sourced alternative fibers (e.g., bamboo) and will assess whether different leadership criteria are needed for the household market versus the away-from-home market. 

    Status: Green Seal is currently developing revised criteria with stakeholder and Working Group input. Learn more here. If you are interested in providing feedback or receiving updates on this standard revision, contact us.

  • PFAS Prohibition, Multi-Standard – Criteria Revision

    Summary: PFAS are a large class of chemicals commonly used in consumer products and associated with a number of adverse health and environmental effects. As part of Green Seal’s phased approach to prohibit PFAS in certified products, the following standards are now being revised:

    – GS-11 Standard, Paints, Coatings, Stains, and Sealers
    – GS-34 Standard, Cleaning and Degreasing Agents
    – GS-36 Standard, Adhesives for Commercial Use
    – GS-40 Standard, Floor-Care Products for Industrial and Institutional Use

    Status: Learn more here. If you are interested in providing feedback or receiving updates on this standard revision, sign up to be a participating stakeholder.


  • Green Seal does not currently have any active upcoming revision projects to existing standards.






Please visit our Library of Standards Documents for more information on these and other standard revisions.