Standard Projects

Standards in Development

Trash Bags and Can Liners (GS-60)

Summary: Green Seal is developing an environmental leadership standard for trash bags and can liners to reduce plastic pollution and carbon emissions. By verifying high-recycled-content or thin-gauge products that provide uncompromising performance, Green Seal can play a critical role in recognizing producers who are environmental leaders in their industry and providing buyers with reliable low-carbon options in this product category.

Status: Standard proposal in development.

Healthy Green Schools & Colleges

Summary: Healthy Schools Campaign and Green Seal have developed a pilot standard for facility management practices for K-12 school districts and higher education institutions. To support facility management professionals operating with budget limitations, the Healthy Green Schools & Colleges standard prioritizes measures that can make a big impact without major capital investments.

Status: Open for a third public comment period. Please submit comments by Tuesday, August 30, 2022.

Standard Development Documents

Revisions in progress

As a Type I ecolabel, Green Seal develops and maintains standards within an open and transparent process, aligned with best practices in standard development. Green Seal welcomes comments from stakeholders and members of the public. Instructions for submitting comments are included within the proposal documents, available for download below.

Green Seal does not currently have any active standard revision projects to existing standards.


  • Green Seal does not currently have any active upcoming revision projects to existing standards.


Please visit our Library of Standards Documents for more information on these and other standard revisions.