Marcal Paper on Providing Quality Paper Products with Minimized Ecological Footprints

Customer Spotlight
Customer Spotlight
Jon Thomson
Corporate Marketing Manager
Marcal Paper
What does sustainability mean to Marcal Paper? 

Since the 1950s, Marcal Paper has been committed to sustainability, long before it was “fashionable.” Marcal is dedicated to protecting our planet – for current and future generations – and making a positive impact on the environment by providing high-quality products while minimizing our ecological footprint. 

Why do you partner with Green Seal? 

We believe that Green Seal is the largest and most respected third-party environmental accreditation organization in the U.S. Furthermore, many of our customer partners, as well as government organizations, require LEED points and products that are Green Seal certified. So, choosing to partner with Green Seal was not only a decision based on good stewardship of our environment, but it was also a good business decision. 

What product, innovation, or accomplishment are you most proud of from a sustainability standpoint? 

We are extremely proud that we do not use any trees to supply our paper mills — just wastepaper that could have ended up in our landfills. However, our new NTT Paper Machine at the Natchez, MS, paper mill is our newest shining star when it comes to innovation and sustainability. 

Recently, an independent third-party, in-depth study was performed and found that Marcal’s new NTT Paper Machine with premium Structured Sheet Technology reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) manufacturing emissions by an impressive 41% when compared to Through-Air-Dried (TAD) premium towels. Now, customers who want a premium paper towel can choose a quality product that is environmentally preferable. 

What’s the biggest sustainability challenge you’re facing? 

Sourcing affordable, quality, recycled fiber has always been a challenge. As the market for recycled paper products continues to expand, fiber prices rise and the availability of clean, quality fiber gets tighter. That is why Marcal Paper continues to invest in the most modern technology available to allow for use of a wider variety of recycled fiber to keep our pricing competitive and our quality high. 

What kind of health or sustainability features and information are your customers looking for today? 

The majority of our customers are looking for high-quality paper products that are made from 100% recycled fiber. A large percentage of those are looking for products that contain a large amount of post-consumer fiber and paper that is processed without using bleach or other harsh chemicals. But it doesn’t stop there. We have had customers ask if our towels are safe for use in their worm farm or if we use any animal byproducts because they want vegan paper towels and tissue. 

What’s next for Marcal Paper? 

Since Marcal developed the process of using recycled fiber to make quality towels and tissue in the 1950s, we have never stopped searching for ways to provide quality paper products with the least impact on our planet. Stay tuned to find out what the next big Marcal innovation will be.

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