MomRemedy on Changing the Way Families Clean

Customer Spotlight
Customer Spotlight
Jen Cosco
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Certified Since: 2021
What does sustainability mean to MomRemedy?

At MomRemedy, our mission is to change the way families clean by offering an eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaner and stain remover that is powerful yet safe to use around your family and the environment. Though there are a variety of natural cleaners on the market, what sets MomRemedy apart is the use of natural and plant derived ingredients. Several of the MomRemedy products are reusable, like the MomRemedy Glass Refill Bottle and the MomRemedy Zero Waste Reusable Wipes in a Glass Jar, along with our environmentally friendly packaging that is 100% recyclable. MomRemedy eliminates the need for multiple cleaning products throughout the home, making it a truly powerful and effective eco-friendly cleaner that solves life’s everyday messes.

What are eco-conscious consumers looking for today from cleaning product brands?

Consumers are becoming more aware of the products they use in and around their home. The education is out there on how to read and understand labels. They are doing their research and choosing the brands and products that are truly safe. Above all, consumers want to know that what they are buying does what it says and does it safely. At MomRemedy, we clearly indicate what ingredients we use and have done independent testing to solidify our claims of being non-toxic and an effective cleaner and stain remover.

Why do you partner with Green Seal?

Green Seal is a nonprofit dedicated to spreading sustainability in products, which aligns with MomRemedy’s vision to have safe and effective cleaning products available to homes everywhere. Partnering with Green Seal has allowed us to be 100% confident that our products are eco-friendly, effective, and non-toxic. We are incredibly proud to share the honor of Green Seal certification with our community.

We use Green Seal to educate our customers and potential customers about the impact the products we choose can have in our surroundings and environment. Many people are not aware of the impact of using cleaning products, which are making their way into our soil, food, and bodies. Consumers trust Green Seal and can trust MomRemedy to make better informed purchasing decisions.

What product, innovation, or accomplishment are you most proud of from a sustainability standpoint?

At MomRemedy, we made the decision not to use any preservatives in our products. Many cleaning products contain preservatives to help with shelf life, which can contain formaldehyde-releasing agents that are inhaled in the air or absorbed into the skin.

Making the decision not to include these preservatives in our cleaning products was an easy one. Additionally, we offer a larger refill size of our cleaner and a sustainable refillable glass bottle to cut down on plastic waste.

What’s next for MomRemedy?

Right now, we are focused on getting national distribution on grocery shelves across the country. You can find our products in over 300 stores, and that number is growing weekly. In the coming months and years, we will continue to stay focused on our mission, which is making safe and effective cleaning products available to every household.

Anything else you’d like to share?

We are proud to share that MomRemedy was just awarded a 2022 Clean House Award by Better Home and Gardens as the Best Do-Anything All-Purpose Cleaner and Stain Remover!

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