New Research Identifies How Green-Certified Hotels Can Boost Bookings


A new study finds there are two key methods hotels can use to successfully convert their green certification credentials into more bookings. 

While travelers consistently report a preference for green accommodations (a 2022 global traveler survey found 72% of respondents intend to stay in a green accommodation at least once during the year), there is often a disconnect between what people say and what they do. Researchers revealed how to narrow this so-called “intention-behavior gap” for sustainability minded travelers.

People are more likely to book nights at green-certified hotels when the properties advertise their rates alongside rates for comparable hotels, according to the study. Providing information on how green certification reduces energy and water use also increased bookings.

Researchers found that taking these steps counteracts two of the main barriers to converting eco-certifications into sales: the misconception that green hotels are more expensive, and confusion about what eco-certification means and whether it’s a marketing ploy.

“Our research demonstrates that it is possible to convert customers’ intentions to “become green” into actual sales,” said Christina Chi, professor of hospitality business management at Washington State University’s Carson College of Business and the study’s lead author. 

Green Seal-certified hotels are well positioned to capitalize on this research by communicating the features of their certification. Certified properties are verified to meet leadership standards for recycling, energy use, water use, HVAC maintenance, and sustainable purchasing, among other criteria. A snapshot of the many sustainability attributes of Green Seal-certified hotels is here.

In addition, Green Seal-certified properties are now highlighted for eco-conscious travelers on hotel booking sites like and Google Travel, making it easy for travelers to compare prices between comparable certified and un-certified properties.

Green Seal-certified hotels earn their credentials. With interest in wellness tourism and eco-conscious travel at record highs, communicating to travelers what those credentials mean can bring well-deserved financial benefits. 

Mac Clevenger

Mac Clevenger is the National Partnerships Manager of Green Seal.