ABCO Products Earns Green Seal’s Innovation Certification for Natura Yarn Mop Heads


Top-performing cleaning tool made from garment industry scraps

Miami, FL and Washington, DC – Natura Yarn from ABCO Cleaning Products is the first mop product to earn Green Seal’s coveted Certification of Environmental Innovation, meeting a rigorous standard for transformative product innovation with a high-performance mop head made from 100% post-industrial reclaimed textile.

Natura Yarn’s proprietary equipment design utilizes garment industry scraps, eliminating the greenhouse gas emissions associated with extracting virgin materials for new plastic textile production. The product also reduces use of pesticides, water consumption, and disruptions to habitat associated with growing and harvesting cotton. Natura Yarn’s design ultimately promotes circularity in the apparel sector – one of the most environmentally impactful manufacturing sectors.

“Modern environmental challenges demand modern solutions to accelerate the transition to a circular economy – that’s why Green Seal’s Environmental Innovation Standard measures improved  health and environmental outcomes, not just material inputs,” said Doug Gatlin, CEO of Green Seal. “ABCO has raised the bar for what consumers should expect about the sustainability of high-performance cleaning tools in the marketplace.”

“We are very excited to achieve Green Seal certification at ABCO Products, as we recognize the responsibility we have to our employees, customers, and the community to promote sustainable alternatives,” said Carlos Albir, President of ABCO Products. “Earning Green Seal certification for Natura Yarn highlights our commitment to providing the verified-sustainable product portfolio customers are mandating.”

Green Seal’s Environmental Innovation Program is designed for manufacturers striving to advance product innovation for environmental good. ABCO worked collaboratively with Green Seal to explore the environmental and health impacts of Natura Yarn, engage in transformative product innovation, and be rewarded for achieving significant lifecycle impact reductions with Green Seal’s certification of Environmental Innovation.

In a marketplace crowded with meaningless and misleading marketing claims about the health and safety of products, Green Seal takes the guesswork out of identifying proven-safer, proven- greener options with guaranteed performance. Green Seal standards prohibit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carcinogens, reproductive toxins, phthalates and other harmful ingredients that have no place in our homes, a minority owned company workplaces or environment. Green Seal evaluates the health and environmental impacts of a product in all stages of its life cycle, from raw material extraction, to manufacturing, to packaging, to how the product is used and disposed.

ABCO Natura Yarn mops will now carry the Green Seal Innovation Certified mark; indicating compliance with Green Seal’s rigorous certification process and recognition that ABCO’s product is a leader in environmental innovation. Green Seal certification highlights ABCO’s commitment to providing a product portfolio now being mandated by customers. Green Seal evaluates the health and environmental impacts of a product in all stages of its life cycle, from raw material extraction, to manufacturing, to packaging, to how the product is used and disposed.


ABCO Products is a family-owned; Certified Minority Business Enterprise headquartered in Miami, Florida. For more information; contact ABCO Products 1-888-694-2226 or


Green Seal® is a global nonprofit organization with a mission to protect human health and the environment by accelerating the adoption of products that are safer and more sustainable. Since 1989, Green Seal has applied rigorous standards for health, environmental sustainability, and product performance to its certification programs to empower better purchasing decisions. Green Seal has certified thousands of products, services, and spaces from hundreds of leading companies and is specified by countless schools, government agencies, businesses, and institutions. Today, the Green Seal certification mark is a universal symbol that a product or service meets a high benchmark of health and environmental leadership. Visit or connect with Green Seal on X and LinkedIn.