Americo Full Cycle® Floor Pads First to Achieve New Green Seal Certification


April 10, 2017

Americo Full Cycle® Floor Pads First to Achieve New Green Seal Certification

Entire Product Line with Enhanced Biodegradation Meets GS-20 Standard for Environmental Innovation 

Washington, DC – Green Seal, the nation's premier nonprofit ecolabel, is excited to announce that the first products certified to its Standard for Environmental Innovation (GS20) are a complete line of floorcare pads from Americo Manufacturing Company. The certified products include all of Americo’s Full Cycle® Floor Pads, both abrasive and nonabrasive, which have been proven to offer enhanced biodegradation in landfill conditions and to contain 100% recycled content and natural fiber.

“Green Seal is delighted to have Americo’s Full Cycle® Floor Pads lead the way as the first products to earn GS20 certification, stated Arthur B. Weissman, Ph.D., Green Seals President and CEO.  “The pads are a stellar example of what happens when sustainability, innovation, and performance combine in product design,” he added.

Americo’s Full Cycle® floor pads are made with 100% recycled PET fiber or a combination of that and natural fibers. The company also uses waterbased latex in the manufacturing process, avoiding phenolic based resins. The pads have been tested by an independent lab to demonstrate that they biodegrade at a faster rate than conventional floor pads in a simulated landfill environment. The enhanced biodegradation helps to reduce landfill volume over time.

In addition, this significantly shorter time frame allows landfills that have methanetoenergy collection systems in place to capture landfill gas and convert it to energy. Americo provides endoflife instructions to the market for disposing of the pads in landfills that capture landfill gas and convert it to energy at

"With Green Seal being one of the most wellknown and respected environmentally based certification organizations in our industry, Americo is proud to be recognized and awarded with their first GS20 Environmental Innovation certification for our Full Cycle® floor pads, stated Richard Rones, President of Americo Manufacturing Company.  

In order to become certified under GS20, Americo submitted an application to Green Seal describing its product line and the environmental benefits it claimed for validation. Green Seal examined these benefits in a lifecycle context and also determined whether the product line could be considered innovative, as defined by the standard.


Green Seal®, a nonprofit organization founded in 1989, is the nation's premier ecolabel, symbolizing transparency, integrity, and environmental leadership. Its flagship program develops lifecyclebased environmental standards and certifies products and services that meet these standards. Green Seal standards cover 450 categories – from janitorial supplies, paints, and windows to restaurants and hotels – and are specified by 23 states and countless institutions. Green Seal’s sciencebased programs help manufacturers, purchasers, and consumers to make choices and improvements that are beneficial to human health, the environment, and the marketplace. Visit or connect with Green Seal on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.


Americo Manufacturing Company is a leading manufacturer of commercial cleaning products, which include floor pads with Full Cycle technology, hand pads, utility pads, and floor matting.  Throughout its 48year history, Americo has been recognized for innovation and quality as well as a global reach with products currently sold in all 50 states and over 70 countries worldwide.  For more information about Americo and its products, visit Americo® and Full Cycle® are trademarks of Americo Manufacturing Company, Inc.