Commercial Cleaning Service Certification

Green Seal® Certified Cleaning Services Meet the Highest Standard of Clean

The Green Seal Standard Means:

  • Uncompromising cleaning performance.
  • Safer indoor air.
  • Improved occupant health.
  • Notable reductions in waste generation and packaging.
  • Reduced environmental impact of the building.
  • Effective disinfecting for pathogens.
  • Training and safety precautions for custodial workers.
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Our team is with you every step of the way.

Looking for guidance on products, equipment, and cleaning practices that will work best for you and your clients? Take advantage of on-demand access to our experts to learn how to create an effective, successful program that differentiates your company. We can help you create cleaner indoor air environments and protect building occupants and custodial workers from harmful chemicals linked to asthma and other serious health conditions.

Set Yourself Apart From Your Competitors

Open the door to new business.

Green Seal commercial cleaning certification is a key differentiator for your company and a mark of the extra value you provide your customers. In fact, government agencies, LEED certified buildings and major corporations specify Green Seal certified cleaning services.

MEET THE HIGHEST STANDARD With A Trusted Green Cleaning Service Certification

Verify that you provide a safer, cleaner, healthier building for building occupants.

Cleaning matters now more than ever. Show your clients that a respected, independent authority has verified that your cleaning products, practices and procedures meet the highest industry standards for safety, effectiveness and health. Our GS-42 cleaning services standard ensures a quality operation carried out by a highly trained workforce who are skilled in effective, responsible cleaning and disinfecting practices. 

Attract and retain top talent with green cleaning certification.


Protect your workers with high-quality products and practices.

Green Seal’s training requirements increase the professionalism of your staff and boost employee morale and engagement. Our commercial cleaning certification standard also helps you protect your staff from chemical injuries and respiratory damage. Cleaning services that have achieved Green Seal GS-42 certification report enhanced staff retention and the ability to attract more qualified employees.

Align Your Company With Our Global Reputation for Excellence

Our Global Reputation for Excellence

Green Seal is widely recognized as having some of the most rigorous standards for health and environmental sustainability in the global marketplace. Since pioneering ecolabeling in the U.S. in 1989, we’ve certified thousands of products, services and properties from companies like 3M, Ecolab, Georgia Pacific, Benjamin Moore, Hilton, Westin, Staples and more. Specified by countless schools, governments, businesses and institutions, the Green Seal mark is a universal symbol that a product or service meets the highest benchmark of health and environmental leadership. Browse our programs and our history to learn more.


Most government contracts for facility services now require a Green Seal compliant cleaning program. The bottom line is that if you don’t qualify, then you won’t win.
Jimmy Wilburn, President
Wilburn Company, Inc.