Environmental Innovation Program

The Environmental Innovation Program is a revolutionary new certification program designed for manufacturers striving to advance product innovation for environmental good. Participants work collaboratively with Green Seal to explore environmental and health impacts, engage in transformative product innovation, and be rewarded for their achievement of significant lifecycle impact reductions. The Program uses Green Seal’s Environmental Innovation Standard (GS-20, Edition 2.1) as a basis for certification. Submit an Expression of Interest Form today.

Browse our Environmental Innovation Registry to see the products and companies that are participating in the program and have completed one or more milestones toward certification.


  • Earn recognition for your product innovation
  • Publicize your company’s leadership through Green Seal’s Innovation Registry, through website promotion, as a case study, and/or in speaking engagements with Green Seal
  • Earn third-party certification on your product
  • Receive dedicated account support
  • Advance widespread market innovation by providing real time feedback on the program


If your product meets the following requirements, it may be a good fit for the Environmental Innovation Program:

  • The product is commercially available
  • The product has comparable alternatives (i.e., there are other products that provide the same function)
  • There is published scientific literature regarding this product category lifecycle impacts
  • The manufacturer is in compliance with all relevant regulations of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (or equivalent agencies if based outside the United States)
  • The manufacturer is willing to complete a full formula disclosure (NDAs available)
  • Product design or performance innovations result in significant lifecycle impact reductions

To learn more about the program process, see our Program Manual.