Health Product Declaration Services

Green Seal is an approved Health Product Declarations (HPD) preparer and third-party verifier and will provide HPDs free of charge to any manufacturer that pursues Green Seal’s paint certification

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Green Seal-certified paints earn points toward LEED credits for material ingredient reporting and low-emitting materials.

Preparing your Health Product Declaration with Green Seal

Benefits of Having an HPD Report

  • An HPD report confirms that your product counts toward the LEED v4.1 Material Ingredient credit.
  • HPD reports are a powerful tool to increase ingredient transparency while also maintaining critical trade secrets.

How it Works

If your product is Green Seal-certified, you can simply set up an HPD Builder online account that includes Builder Tokens and Green Seal will take care of the rest. For uncertified products, the process is:

1. Fill out your application, create your HPD Builder account, purchase your HPDC builder tokens, and send us your completed HPD preparation package checklist.

2. We’ll reach out to your raw material suppliers and build your HPD report.

3. We’ll send you a draft to review and then publish your final HPD Report in the HPD Public Repository

BONUS: You’ll receive a complimentary formula prescreen to our Standard for Paints, Coatings, Stains and Sealers (GS-11) and a discounted rate for full certification.

Green Seal Health Product Declaration (HPD) Report Verification

Benefits of Third-Party Verified HPDs

Third-party verified HPDs offer a higher level of confidence that the information they contain is complete and compliant with the HPD Open Standard. During verification, we’ll ensure that your report fully complies with the HPD Open Standard and LEED. Once verified:

  • Your HPD report will count as 1.5 of the 5 qualified products needed to earn the LEEDv4.1 Material Ingredient Reporting credit, rather than the 1 product a non-verified HPD report is worth
  • Your HPD report will receive a third-party verified button at the bottom of Section 1. For HPDs prepared according to HPD Open Standard versions 2.3 and higher, a ‘Third-Party Verified’ logo with a blue checkmark will also appear at the top of your HPD report
  • You will also receive a complementary prescreen against GS-11 certification, including potential challenges for product-level health and environmental endpoints (e.g., carcinogenicity). If you decide to pursue certification, you will receive a discount and jumpstart the certification process with a completed formula review

How it Works

Our Customer Success team will support you every step of the way.

1. Fill out your application and send us your completed HPD verification application package.

2. We’ll review your documentation and complete the HPD Collaborative’s verification checklist.

3. We’ll send you the results of our review and give you the chance to provide any additional documentation or updates to your report. Once verified, your HPD report will receive a “Third-Party Verified” logo with a blue checkmark at the top.

BONUS: Products that are not yet Green Seal-certified will receive a complimentary formula prescreen to our Standard for Paints, Coatings, Stains and Sealers (GS-11) and a discounted rate for full certification.

HPD Reports are valid for 3 years and can be verified at any point. When the original report expires, the new report will need to be verified by Green Seal. In the interim, HPD Reports need to be updated to reflect any formula changes. If changes occur for a product with a current HPD Report, please notify Green Seal for complimentary updates.

Green Seal can either prepare your report or verify your report but cannot do both. To maintain impartiality, the same organization cannot verify a report that it prepared. HPDC’s website includes a list of other organizations that are approved for HPD preparation and verification.