Nyco Products’ Bug Eliminator – Innovation Criteria

Update: The public comment period for Nyco Products Company has ended. Green Seal accepted public comments between November 18, 2020 and December 23, 2020. Learn more about Nyco Products Company and its product certification status on Green Seal’s Environmental Innovation Registry page.

Nyco Products Company, a family-owned cleaning chemicals manufacturer, has applied for Green Seal’s Environmental Innovation certification for their minimum-risk bug eliminator. Nyco’s proposed innovation claims are summarized below, and the full proposed criteria for this product can be reviewed on Green Seal’s website. Green Seal welcomes comments on the proposed criteria until December 23, 2020. 

Innovation Claims: A Healthier Bug Eliminator for Soft-Bodied Insects

Nyco’s innovation claims are the following: This product has been designed to be less hazardous compared to other commercially available bug eliminators sold on the North American market. According to Nyco, this product is not formulated with hazardous ingredients common to this product category. The product ingredients are not classified as reproductive toxins, endocrine disruptors, neuro and systemic toxicants, aspiration toxicants, respiratory sensitizers, skin sensitizers, or fragrance allergens. The product ingredients do not cause skin corrosion, do not bioaccumulate, and the product itself is non-toxic to humans. Other commercially available contact-kill insecticides may pose significant risks to human health during the manufacturing and use life cycle phases. 

Next Steps in the Environmental Innovation Process 

Green Seal will review input received all stakeholders and the public during the public comment period and address any substantive suggestions or objections to the proposed criteria before finalizing them. Nyco will submit documented proof of compliance with these criteria for Green Seal’s third-party review of these claims. Nyco’s Bug Eliminator will achieve Green Seal Certification for Environmental Innovation if all criteria are met.

About Nyco’s Bug Eliminator

The Nyco bug eliminator is formulated to kill soft-bodied insects that can pose sanitation problems in food-handling settings including restaurants, food-service facilities, food-processing plants, the hospitality industry, warehouses, and manufacturing and industrial facilities. Targeted pests include Argentine ants, German cockroaches, bed bugs, red fruit flies, house flies, house spiders, moth flies, and two-spotted spider mites. This product is classified as a Minimum Risk Pesticide (EPA). 

About Green Seal’s Environmental Innovation Standard

Green Seal’s Environmental Innovation Program challenges product manufacturers to explore health and environmental impacts , engage in transformative product innovation, and achieve global recognition to the newest sustainability standard. 

Green Seal’s Innovation Program Process: Validation of the Innovation Claim 

Green Seal has not yet validated this innovation claim. Once Green Seal finalizes the proposed criteria after this public comment period, Nyco will submit documented proof of compliance with the criteria for Green Seal’s third-party review of these claims.

Earning certification under the GS-20 Standard demonstrates that Green Seal, an independent third party, has verified the environmentally innovative aspect(s) of a product. The certification includes verification that the product innovation results in a significant reduction of human health and environmental impacts compared to products of the same functional class.

Anne Hancock

Anne Hancock is the Environmental Innovation Program Manager at Green Seal.