The Honest Company on Inspiring Everyone to Love Living Consciously

Customer Spotlight
Customer Spotlight
Don Frey
Chief Innovation Officer
The Honest Company
Products Certified: 3
Certified Since: 2021
What does sustainability mean to The Honest Company?

​​The Honest Company was built around the ethical values of transparency, trust, sustainability, and a deep sense of purpose with a mission to inspire everyone to love living consciously. We know that everything our consumers put on, in, and around their body matters. That’s why we hold ourselves to The Honest Standard of safety and transparency and do everything we can to support wellness for our consumers. This standard is our guiding principle, the way in which we apply our values to innovation and development, and it’s the thoughtful and uncompromising approach we take with every product we make. With people and planet in mind, we prioritize continuous improvement by striving to use clean ingredients and sustainable packaging. Our in-house labs, toxicologists, and partners work tirelessly to develop effective products that meet rigorous standards of safety. Additionally, we strive to use recyclable materials, such as compostable tree-free paper and 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard, to support our consumers in their effort to reduce, reuse, and refill.

The Honest Company recently created a Conscious Cleaning Collection of products. Why did evolving your line of cleaning products feel like a good fit for the brand and for The Honest Company customer?

At Honest, we believe part of being an ethical lifestyle brand is creating effective products consumers love to use (and re-use). We strive to create formulas with responsibly sourced ingredients and packaging. Our sustainability mission starts with the practices that we implement within our own lab and in our formulas. We believe that it’s not enough to ask consumers to practice sustainability without committing to that mission as well – which is why we created our Conscious Cleaning line, featuring clean formulas and reusable packaging that is designed with the environment in mind.

Our Conscious Cleaning Essentials produce a powerful clean with naturally derived ingredients and without harsh chemicals. Our refillable cleaning essentials are designed to help reduce plastic waste without compromising on effectiveness. Reusable bottles mean less bottles heading to the landfill. Plus, by shipping the bottles empty, our kits are about 5.5 pounds lighter, which means less energy is used to transport them. That little change makes a big difference across thousands of kits.

Why do you partner with Green Seal?

Green Seal is a new partnership that is a natural fit for our brand. They are a leader in helping businesses and consumers make healthier, greener choices with confidence, which closely aligns with our Honest mission to inspire everyone to love living consciously. Our partnership with Green Seal creates synergies to bring products to life that truly push the sustainability envelope!

How do you use Green Seal in your marketing?

Green Seal’s standards define sustainability leadership in the marketplace and reward industry innovations. After we certified our Clean Conscious Essentials with Green Seal, we included the logo on our product pages and package graphics. Additionally, we have partnered with the Green Seal team on product messaging that helps educate consumers on the most sustainable practices — like using cold water instead of hot water to make our cleaning solutions.

What’s next for The Honest Company?

We strive for continuous improvement, and we are constantly evaluating new package materials and questioning the status quo. Check out our website,, to learn more!

Gren Seal

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