Thermal Intelligence’s BASECAMP – Innovation Criteria

Green Seal Notice
Green Seal Notice

Update: The public comment period for Thermal Intelligence has ended. Green Seal accepted public comments between April 23, 2021 and May 24, 2021. Learn more about Thermal Intelligence and its product certification status on Green Seal’s Environmental Innovation Registry page.

Thermal Intelligence has applied for Green Seal’s Environmental Innovation certification for BASECAMP, their line of industrial temporary heating, power generation, and lighting products. The company’s proposed innovation claims are summarized below, and the full proposed criteria for this product can be reviewed on Green Seal’s website. Green Seal welcomes comments on the proposed criteria until May 24, 2021.  

Innovation Claims: 

Thermal Intelligence’s innovation claims are the following: This product has been designed to be more energy efficient compared to other portable medium powered generators or generator-heater combinations fueled by diesel gasoline. The product claims to achieve a 50-66 percent reduction in operating fuel use, which saves an estimated 209 metric tons of CO2 equivalent per year, calculated when used at full capacity for 180 days of use.   

Specifically, BASECAMP and BASECAMP XL’s patent-pending system design produces the same energy output using 57 gallons of diesel fuel for which a comparable generator and heater combination would require 171 gallons of diesel fuel.   

Next Steps in the Environmental Innovation Process 

Green Seal will review comments and address any substantive suggestions or objections to the proposed criteria before finalizing them. Thermal Intelligence will submit documented proof of compliance with these criteria for Green Seal’s third-party review of these claims. Thermal Intelligence’s BASECAMP and BASECAMP XL will achieve Green Seal Certification for Environmental Innovation if all criteria are met. 

About the BASECAMP Smart 3-in-1 Heater, Light Tower, and Generator 

BASECAMP is designed to provide up to three functions simultaneously: 1) electric power generation, 2) temporary heating, and 3) lighting. The product is typically used in construction, restoration/remediation, and equipment pre-heating/thawing. The efficiencies of BASECAMP are achieved by capturing waste from one process and repurposing it into a simultaneous deliverable, eliminating waste. 

BASECAMP is designed on a diesel platform as that is frequently the sole fuel source available in temporary heat/power/lighting applications. Solar-powered generators do exist on the market, however, those products operate at significantly lower kW capacity than BASECAMP and BASECAMP XL and are not yet able to provide the power needed for all three applications.

About Green Seal’s Environmental Innovation Standard

Green Seal’s Environmental Innovation Program is designed for manufacturers striving to advance product innovation for environmental good. The program allows manufacturers pioneering the integration of leading-edge design and performance aspects into their products to earn recognition for their innovations through a rigorous 3rd party certification. Find Innovation Certified products and learn more about the Environmental Innovation Program here.   

Green Seal’s Innovation Program Process: Validation of the Innovation Claim 

Green Seal has not yet validated this innovation claim. Once Green Seal finalizes the proposed criteria after this public comment period, Thermal Intelligence will submit documented proof of compliance with the criteria for Green Seal’s third-party review of these claims. 

Earning certification under the GS-20 Standard demonstrates that Green Seal, an independent third party, has verified the environmentally innovative aspect(s) of a product. The certification includes verification that the product innovation results in a significant reduction of human health or environmental impacts compared to products of the same functional class. 

Anne Hancock

Anne Hancock is the Environmental Innovation Program Manager at Green Seal.