Measurable Standards for Schools and Colleges

Introducing the Healthy Green Schools & Colleges program, a partnership between Green Seal and Healthy Schools Campaign to create a verifiable program for sustainable facilities management for schools and universities nationwide.

The Healthy Green Schools & Colleges program helps facility professionals identify low- or no-cost measures that can make a major difference in health and indoor air quality. The program was developed in partnership with recognized school facility management leaders and covers the full range of facilities management practices:

  • Cleaning and Disinfecting
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Sustainable Purchasing
  • HVAC and Electric Maintenance
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing and Monitoring
  • Training and Communications

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Healthy Green Schools & Colleges’ Guidelines for COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection provide K-12, college and university facility, custodial and housekeeping managers actionable best practices to protect students, staff and custodial personnel amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The guidelines were developed in partnership with recognized leaders in green cleaning and facilities management at schools and universities, and are based on the latest scientific understanding of the particular characteristics of the COVID-19 virus.

The recommendations reflect Green Seal’s expertise in setting science-based standards for high-performance cleaning products and practices that reduce unnecessary use of hazardous chemicals and promote safer and healthier indoor air. They also reflect Healthy Schools Campaign’s experience working directly with facility cleaning directors and custodial leaders at schools and colleges across the country for more than a decade.


School procurement officers have a choice when they buy school products. Smart leaders look for the Green Seal® Mark.

States and counties across the U.S. have legislation and guidelines that mandate the purchase of third-party certified environmentally preferable products and services. Nearly half of U.S. states and thousands of universities, colleges, school districts, and healthcare facilities specify Green Seal as a trusted resource for environmentally preferable purchasing.


Schools, colleges, and universities with Green Seal-certified cleaning programs lead the nation in placing the health of students and staff first. Our Cleaning Services Standard (GS-42) helps your school custodial staff pioneer cutting-edge, science-based cleaning practices that demonstrate genuine sustainability leadership.

GS-42 certification for our in-house custodial operation marked a major milestone in our progress towards a more sustainable campus at Harvard.
Jeffrey Smith, Director, Facilities Maintenance Operations
Harvard University

Green Seal’s Environmental Leadership Standards are a roadmap to healthier, greener schools. They define Green Seal certification requirements and recommendations for frequently-used categories such as floor care, general purpose cleaners, paints, and cleaning programs. Our standards are used each day by thousands of purchasers including health-conscious facility managers, school boards, universities, daycare facilities, and PTAs.