Link Hospitality on the Value of Green Cleaning Programs

Customer Spotlight
Customer Spotlight
Ricardo Marquez
Director of Business Development
Link Hospitality
How many square feet of space does Link Hospitality clean? 

We clean over 1 million square feet of space through commercial buildings, hotels, and transportation facilities. 

What does sustainability mean to Link Hospitality? 

At Link Hospitality, sustainability is one of our core values and refers to all of our company practices that support ecological, human, and economic health. 

What innovation or accomplishment are you most proud of from a sustainability standpoint?  

I’m most proud of our work to incorporate additional sustainability measures into our green cleaning programs. For example, we successfully worked with a client in the transportation industry to create a green cleaning program for them that also includes a recycling program. 

What do you value in your partnership with Green Seal? 

We value the support Green Seal provides us and the leverage we receive from sharing our partnership with potential clients. 

Do you see business value in your certification? 

The Green Seal certification has helped us to reach a new line of customers that prioritize certified green cleaning. Certification also helps validate that our company practices make a difference when it comes to human and environmental health. 

Do your customers see the value in green cleaning? How do you help educate them? 

Yes, our existing customers see the value in green cleaning.There has also been an increased need for green cleaning companies and programs recently, so more businesses are beginning to look for more sustainable options. We educate our customers about the value of our offerings by sharing our knowledge of sustainability practices and implementing our green cleaning programs. 

From an operations cost perspective, how do you find that green cleaning compares to regular cleaning? 

Green cleaning promotes sustainability, which appeals to our customers because it offers them an added benefit they don’t get from traditional cleaning methods. Contrary to popular belief, green cleaning also helps reduce our operating costs. 

How has the pandemic affected your operations? And have you seen a change in the demand for green cleaning vs. conventional cleaning? 

The pandemic significantly impacted our operations. Since most of our clients are hotels and they were shut down at the beginning of the pandemic, we saw a dramatic reduction in customers. Since the pandemic, there has been increased interest in green cleaning, and more buildings and facilities are now required to contract green cleaning programs. 

What’s next for Link Hospitality? 

We are targeting a new line of customers now that we have earned the Green Seal certification. We want to grow by providing clients with sustainable ways to maintain their facilities while at the same time providing added value to their customers and guests. 

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