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The Green Seal Compass: Ensuring Clean Water

Producing greener products, fostering greener supply chains, and implementing water conservation policies are critical steps that today’s leaders are taking on the path to a low impact economy. Green Seal recognizes these leaders with third-party certification so that you can identify choices that protect public health, safeguard our rivers and lakes, and preserve our climate.

Eligible for Certification: Spray-Applied Microbial Cleaners

Green Seal has made important improvements to our standard criteria for microbial-based cleaning products to better recognize leadership in this popular product category.  These updates allow Green Seal to verify important health protections while removing the restriction on spray-applied products. Now product manufacturers with spray-applied microbial cleaners can demonstrate that their products are formulated to be healthier, safer options for buyers.

The Green Seal Compass: Minimizing Waste

Preventing and minimizing waste is a critical goal for shifting to a low impact economy. With improved product design, less shipping of water, greater use of recovered materials, and well-performing, long-lasting products, we can reduce the waste that is so costly to our society and ecosystems. With the complexity of the market, the Green Seal Certification Mark provides clarity, signifying that a product meets a strong benchmark of health and environmental leadership — thereby making it simple for buyers to make the greener choice.

The Green Seal Compass: Protecting Human Health

Green Seal’s standards address the most significant health and environmental impacts for which there are known and feasible safer alternatives. Critically, Green Seal standards also set requirements for functional performance; buyers can be confident the certified healthier product they are choosing is also one that will meet their expectations and get the job done.

Kaivac Univac and AutoVac Stretch – Innovation Criteria

The public comment period for Kaivac has ended. Please see the final issued criteria here.  Green Seal’s Environmental Innovation Program allows product manufacturers to explore environmental and health impacts, engage in transformative product innovation, and achieve global recognition to the newest sustainability standard.  Kaivac, Inc is a member of the initial cohort of beta program

Our Standard Means Uncompromising Cleaning Performance

At Green Seal, we often hear the question: how do I know green cleaning products work as effectively as conventional ones? With coronavirus prompting more frequent use of cleaning products (and more inhalation of cleaning chemicals), here’s a window into Green Seal’s performance requirements for certified green cleaning products. Defining Clean Amid the coronavirus epidemic,

USC Hotel: Why We Pursued Green Seal Certification

by Ron Mackovich, USC University Communications When USC rebranded our university-owned hotel as USC Hotel a year ago, we made it a goal to be an example of sustainability practices in the hospitality industry.  Traditional hospitality practices use significant resources and materials and generate substantial waste. We aim to serve our hotel guests and the

Kittrich Shares What Green Seal Means for Consumers

by Rachel Bolin, Kittrich Corporation Formulator Update: You can find Kittrich’s Eco-Me brand certified products on Amazon here Can cleaning products be effective and be safer for people and the planet?  At Kittrich Corporation®, we think they can.   To prove just how serious we are about making a difference to the health of our planet, we set

BMS Cleans Over 100 Million Square Feet of Space

WHAT DOES SUSTAINABILITY MEAN TO BMS? Because the environmental impact of the janitorial industry is so enormous, so is our potential to reduce it. As a responsible company committed to sustainability, it’s our obligation to offset this however we can. Annually the janitorial industry consumes 6.2 billion pounds of mostly petroleum-based chemicals. Additionally, our industry

Your Feedback Is Key to the Success of Our Standards

Over the past twenty-seven years, Green Seal has published dozens of environmental leadership standards and certified over 4,000 products. We have achieved the most success over these years in the cleaning product industry, and have invested greatly in helping manufacturers green their products. About one-third of our 27 active standards define environmental leadership for specific