Mum & You Earns Green Seal’s First Baby-Wipes Certification


Biodegradable and compostable wipes meet strict standard for safer ingredients and proven performance.

Washington, DC — Green Seal, a leading non-profit authority on safer and more sustainable products, announced today that Mum & You is the first baby wipe product in the marketplace to earn coveted Green Seal certification. 

Green Seal-certified products must meet uncompromising performance standards while using ingredients that are significantly safer for people and the planet.

Mum & You baby wipes met Green Seal’s stringent standard for personal care products. Green Seal requires baby wipes to be made from 100% renewable material and sets strict sustainability criteria covering everything from raw materials to production to packaging. The wipes were screened for carcinogens, reproductive toxins, mutagens, phthalates, parabens, skin sensitizers, and any other toxic ingredients that don’t belong near babies’ bodies. Only the safest, most responsible, and most effective products achievable today are able to meet this standard. 

“In a marketplace crowded with unregulated claims about the health and sustainability of products, the Green Seal mark helps consumers make healthier, greener choices with confidence,” said Doug Gatlin, CEO of Green Seal. “By earning independent certification to Green Seal’s rigorous standard, Mum & You has proven their baby wipes are among the safest, greenest and most effective baby products available today.”

“Becoming a new parent makes you more conscious of the environment you want your children to inherit,” said Almudena Rein, Chief Marketing Officer of Mum &You. “What many parents don’t know is that most baby wipes contain plastic, and they take up to 100 years to biodegrade. That’s an incredibly long time and creates a big environmental problem. Our Mum &You baby wipes are plastic-free and biodegrade in 15 days. We are a team of mothers who take pride in providing parents with an environmentally safer solution without asking them to compromise on any aspect of the product.”

Learn more about Mum & You baby wipes here. The wipes are also available on Amazon, where Green Seal-certified products receive Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly badge to indicate the products meet meaningful sustainability benchmarks. Additional products by Mum and You include diapers/nappies that are made using sustainably sourced wood pulp and contain no dyes or lotions next to baby’s skin. 


Mum & You is a company created by parents for parents. Mum & You is an exciting purpose-led brand launched with an idea to support mums and help children reach their potential. They’re a team of mums who combined their knowledge to create the products they wish they had! From soft eco nappies, plastic-free biodegradable wipes and all-natural, vegan-registered skincare, everything they create starts with the same question: “What will make mum’s life easier?” Mum & You is also committed to giving back to mums in need through their charitable partnerships with Moms Helping Moms Foundation, which provides low-income families in New Jersey with essential baby items. With each nappy subscription M&Y donates baby products to supports families who really need it. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram.


Green Seal® is a global nonprofit organization with a mission to protect human health and the environment by accelerating the adoption of products that are safer and more sustainable. Since 1989, Green Seal has applied rigorous standards for health, environmental sustainability, and product performance to its certification programs to empower better purchasing decisions. Green Seal has certified thousands of products, services, and spaces from hundreds of leading companies and is specified by countless schools, government agencies, businesses, and institutions. Today, the Green Seal certification mark is a universal symbol that a product or service meets a high benchmark of health and environmental leadership. Visit or connect with Green Seal on X and LinkedIn.