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Customer Spotlight
Customer Spotlight
Fabio Costa
Products Certified: 7 service locations
Certified Since: 2021
How many square feet of space does Serval clean?

Serval operates in more than 400 cleaning operations in 5 Brazilian states. Of these operations, 7 are Green Seal-certified with an area equivalent to 360,000 square feet. Our team has solid experience in optimizing cleaning routines in high-traffic environments, such as shopping malls, condominiums, hypermarkets, educational institutions, offices LEED certified buildings, hospitals, and industries.

What does sustainability mean to Serval?

The GREEN CLEANING program is our approach uniquely designed to improve human health and promote sustainability in the different spaces we clean. From choosing the most effective equipment and products to operating procedures and staff training, we strive to meet with excellence in the strictest socio-environmental criteria, which include compliance with all legal requirements applicable in the country.

What do you value in your partnership with Green Seal?

Having the Green Seal as a reference in our operations is a quality differential in the market as it makes us permanently seek excellence. Our certified operations show our customers that we are capable of offering a quality final product with strong foundations in efficiency and sustainability.

In our institutional marketing, we promote the standardization, safety and efficiency of our processes through an international certification of quality in cleaning services.

Do your customers see the value in green cleaning?

Before the pandemic, customers were more interested in hiring a service with quality and good cost. Today, with green cleaning we offer, in addition to quality and cost, a high standard of service through a systematically trained cleaning team, products with low environmental impact and smart equipment. We always seek to communicate this to our customers through lectures, information on our social networks and in new contracts.

From an operations cost perspective, how do you find that green cleaning compares to regular cleaning?

In our Green Seal-certified operations, we have seen a reduction in the cost of chemicals used in cleaning. In addition, the assurance we provide our customers about biosecurity is not directly reflected in the costs of operations, but is a differential of trust and credibility when compared to regular cleaning

What innovation or accomplishment are you most proud of from a sustainability standpoint?

SERVAL is a local industry leader in sustainability with the expertise to service operations in LEED certified buildings and develops strong partnerships with leading green organizations to ensure that our Green Cleaning program meets international standards.

SERVAL is the company responsible for the green cleaning program of the SEBRAE-Ceará headquarters building, which is LEED Platinum certified. It was through this operation that the green cleaning process became a discussion for the opportunity for internal improvement on a daily basis.

How has the pandemic affected your operations?

The pandemic has brought greater concern about biosecurity and effectiveness in cleaning processes. Mainly in hospital environments, protocols and cleaning procedures became more rigid and the customer much more demanding. The search for reliable disinfectant products has become a concern. Certified green cleaning operations already provided assurance of these features before the pandemic.

What’s next for Serval?

SERVAL seeks to continuously improve its processes and offer more and more excellent services. In 2022 we aim to expand certified operations to the industry.

Gren Seal

Green Seal is a global non-profit whose certification mark is a universal symbol that a product, cleaning service or facility meets the highest benchmark of health and environmental leadership.