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Safer, Healthier Hand Sanitizers

Update: Green Seal accepted comments on our proposed health-focused requirements for alcohol-based hand sanitizers during a public comment period from July 30 to August 13. Green Seal published final criteria in GS-41 Hand Cleaners and Hand Sanitizers for Industrial and Institutional Use and GS-44 Soaps, Cleaners, Hand Sanitizers and Shower Products.   Our Focus on Health Since

Kaivac Univac and AutoVac Stretch – Innovation Criteria

The public comment period for Kaivac has ended. Please see the final issued criteria here.  Green Seal’s Environmental Innovation Program allows product manufacturers to explore environmental and health impacts, engage in transformative product innovation, and achieve global recognition to the newest sustainability standard.  Kaivac, Inc is a member of the initial cohort of beta program

How to Safely Clean and Disinfect for Coronavirus

Are you concerned about properly disinfecting for coronavirus while also protecting people from the health risks associated with hazardous chemical exposure?  Green Seal’s new Guidelines for Safer COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection spell out five effective and responsible cleaning practices for occupant health and safety during the pandemic.  Improper cleaning and disinfection practices – such as

The Fairmont Chicago Reaps Benefits of Certification

In order to set smart and ambitious sustainability goals hotels generally find they must address unique infrastructure, operations, and purchasing challenges, often without a road map.  Significant water, energy and cost savings, increases in corporate bookings, an improved guest experience, and higher staff morale are just some of the benefits that make the effort worthwhile. 

Interview from the Front Lines: Cleaning for COVID-19

With cleaning workers on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis, Green Seal caught up with Michael Doherty, president of BMS Building Maintenance Service, to learn how the industry-leading green cleaning company is approaching the challenges of operating during a pandemic.    Certified to Green Seal’s GS-42 commercial cleaning standard since 2014, BMS cleans more

Agile Methods Lead to Better Processes and Better Standards

In the last year, Green Seal has been reviewing our Standard Development Program to identify opportunities to accelerate market transformation through our standards. We’re excited to roll-out the first of several new and improved standard development tools planned for 2020.   Today, we’re glad to introduce a new agile process that will allow us to quickly

ABCO Natura Yarn Mop Heads – Innovation Criteria

Update: The public comment period for ABCO Products has ended. Green Seal accepted public comments between April 6, 2020 and May 7, 2020. Learn more about ABCO Products and its product certification status on Green Seal’s Environmental Innovation Registry page. Green Seal’s Environmental Innovation Beta Advisory Program allows product manufacturers to explore environmental and health impacts, engage

Serving Our Stakeholders During the COVID-19 Health Crisis

Green Seal is closely monitoring developments regarding the novel coronavirus COVID-19, which was declared a national emergency by the White House and a pandemic by the World Health Organization. During this emerging and rapidly changing situation, we rely on the CDC for updated information as it becomes available.  Green Seal is committed to providing trusted

Our Standard Means Uncompromising Cleaning Performance

At Green Seal, we often hear the question: how do I know green cleaning products work as effectively as conventional ones? With coronavirus prompting more frequent use of cleaning products (and more inhalation of cleaning chemicals), here’s a window into Green Seal’s performance requirements for certified green cleaning products. Defining Clean Amid the coronavirus epidemic,

USC Hotel: Why We Pursued Green Seal Certification

by Ron Mackovich, USC University Communications When USC rebranded our university-owned hotel as USC Hotel a year ago, we made it a goal to be an example of sustainability practices in the hospitality industry.  Traditional hospitality practices use significant resources and materials and generate substantial waste. We aim to serve our hotel guests and the

Kittrich Shares What Green Seal Means for Consumers

by Rachel Bolin, Kittrich Corporation Formulator Update: You can find Kittrich’s Eco-Me brand certified products on Amazon here Can cleaning products be effective and be safer for people and the planet?  At Kittrich Corporation®, we think they can.   To prove just how serious we are about making a difference to the health of our planet, we set